I’ve been thinking recently how much I dislike Javascript, and NodeJS in particular, especially with the fiasco surrounding left-pad. So, I blew away the Ghost installation I had and switched to Hugo. At least now when I don’t ever write blogs, I’ve not got NodeJS running. I used the script here to migrate fairly simply, if anyone else wants to jump ship. [Read More]

Configuration Management Sucks

I’ve tried them all, and they all suck. Ok, I’ve not really had a good go at Puppet, but it’s 2015, no one uses Puppet for anything new anymore! /s I work for a medium-sized web hosting provider. The majority of the servers we deploy are configured and then handed over to clients, at which point our involvement is merely supporting the configuration rather than managing it forever. A lot of new business is still buying dedicated servers or VMs - I refuse to call them ‘cloud’ because they’re not what I would define as a cloud instance. [Read More]

Facebook for Android

Facebook annoys me an awful lot. The Android Facebook app annoys me even more. How, in 2015, the Facebook app doesn’t use the Android Intent system for sharing, I still can’t get my head around. Oh, no - I actually can. They’re trying to keep content within the walled garden. This is fine if you’re balls deep in the Facebook ecosystem, but I’ve got other things I use and want to share to, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. [Read More]

ESA Rosetta: It's not Star Trek

A glutton for punishment, I’ve spent some time trawling the Interwebs to find the worst comments humanity has to offer regarding the recent ESA Rosetta / Philae comet landing. And by ‘trawling’ I mean checking out BBC News and Daily Mail and sorting comments by lowest rated first. Here’s a sample. What an ENORMOUS WASTE OF MONEY! How can people complain what footballers get paid when money is WASTED on stuff like this? [Read More]


The old content on this blog was outdated and a bit shit, so I’ve blown it all away and moved over to the trendy Ghost platform. [Read More]