Facebook for Android

Facebook annoys me an awful lot. The Android Facebook app annoys me even more.

Could not give a single shit.

How, in 2015, the Facebook app doesn’t use the Android Intent system for sharing, I still can’t get my head around. Oh, no - I actually can. They’re trying to keep content within the walled garden. This is fine if you’re balls deep in the Facebook ecosystem, but I’ve got other things I use and want to share to, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. The whole social media revolution is built around being able to share things, for christsakes!

I see a pretty funny/interesting video or post on Facebook (a rarity in itself), how do I share that from the application? If it’s an option, it’s hidden so deeply I’ve been unable to find it. I can’t send the URL to the video to my friends via Hangouts, or post it to Twitter, or whatever other social network the kids are using these days.

Dem options

A continual annoyance that’s been causing rage for many years is the way Facebook will proudly present a news story to me, saying that a friend has commented on it. Usually, the story will have thousands of comments on it with more arriving every second. How do I view what my friend wrote? You can’t. Recently I’ve noticed that some comments show up at the bottom of some news stories, but I still haven’t figured out how they decide which comment to show - it’s not always the latest comment. This feature doesn’t seem to work at all once you get up to a few hundred comments.

The constant bombarding of other people’s Likes is infuriating. I’m doing all my friends a favour - I’ve never liked anything on Facebook. I’ve never given Facebook any information as to what movies I’ve watched, what books I’ve read, what TV shows I like, because I know at some point that information will be vomited up on their news feeds - “Xiol likes Breaking Bad”, “Xiol likes Mexican food”, “Xiol likes midget transvestites”. Yeah, and? Who cares?

I would bin off Facebook right now if I didn’t have some people that I can only communicate with via it. It’s become tiresome, old, and full of shit. Their walled garden approach to sharing is merely the tip of the iceberg.